Friday, January 7, 2011

Picture Trends

Looking at profile photographs on the social networks is very interesting.  The profile pictures tell what is important to the individual or their emotional make-up.  There was a time when everyone smiled in pictures.  No one wanted a picture of themselves in anything less than a toothpaste commercial smile.  The purpose of a picture is to present your best features for everyone to remember.  Lately I am noticing more and more young people with profile pictures expressing displeasure, repulsion, or genuine sadness. 

Are we raising a group of adolescents who are so disturbed about their lives that they show it even in their facial features for all the world to see?  Why would they want anyone to remember them with their tongues sticking out or with their mouths open so wide you can see their back teeth? 

There was a time when American people had pride in themselves.  Now we want to see if we can look more rediculous than the other person.  We rejoice when we are remembered because of a picture that, at one time, would have been embarrassing.  We laugh when friends post pictures that make us look stupid.  We buy tabloids showing pictures of stars that must make their mothers cringe. 

I say let's get back to beautiful, classy portraits that make us look like we wish we looked.
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