Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Planting Potatoes

Let me begin by assuring the reader that this is a true story.  I am not talented enough to create this tale.  The account was told to me by Craig's grandmother and goes something like this. 

A couple had lived most of their young lives in a northern city.  Upon retirement they decided to move to Texas for better weather.  They also elected to try country living.  Shortly after arriving in the rural area, they hired Craig, a local college student, to do odd jobs around the house.  One of Craig's jobs was to till and plant a small vegetable garden.

One afternoon when Craig arrived at the couple's house, the woman informed him that her "not very intelligent husband" had decided to plant potatoes that morning.  She then instructed Craig to replant the potatoes.  When Craig questioned why he needed to replant potatoes that had already been planted, she said "My husband planted them upside down.  I want you to dig each one up and turn it over so that the potatoes will grow on top of the ground."

Craig did as instructed.  Although he did not enjoy the assignment, many people have enjoyed listening to the tale.
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