Thursday, February 3, 2011

Compulsory School Attendance Ages

The following is a list of the compulsory ages.  Some countries offer education younger than the compulsory age.  All countries offer education for ages older than the compulsory ages, although some require an admission examination before continuing education. 

Compulsory school attendance ages:

United States
Three states ages 5-16
One state ages 5-17
Four states ages 5-18
Fifteen states ages 6-16
One state ages 6-17
Six states ages 6-18
Eleven states ages 7-16
Three states ages 7-17
Three states ages 7-18
Two states ages 8-17

France ages 6-16
Germany ages 6-18
Switzerland ages 7-15
Mexico ages 6-15
Japan by ages 6-15
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