Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belinda Bluebonnet

This is an excerpt from the book A Sunny Tomorrow, A collection of Christian based short stories for the young mind. 

Belinda was very happy living in a field with all the other bluebonnet seedlings.  She loved to snuggle down in the warm dark soil at night and watch the Texas stars.  During the day she would roll on top of the ground, basking in the sun.  Sometimes it rained and she would get all wet.  She didn’t like those days, but mom and dad said the rain was important to help little seeds grow up to be big bluebonnets.
One day when she was playing on the ground, a magic carpet came and whisked her in the air.  Belinda thought it was magic because she couldn’t see it, but she could feel it.  She rode in the air, going up and down.  When the carpet dropped her on the ground, she rolled back home. 
Mom said, “Where have you been, young lady?”
Belinda said, “I went for a ride on a magic carpet.  It was fun.”
Dad said, “That magic carpet is called the wind and you need to be very careful.  The March wind is coming and he might take you far from home.”
Belinda said, “I’ll be careful.”
The next day it was raining and Belinda couldn’t play with the wind, so she read a book about it.  The book said that the March wind was very strong.  Belinda could hardly wait to meet the March wind.
Every day Belinda looked out from the soil, hoping the March wind would come by her house.  When it came, it wasn’t as strong as the book had said.  It took her across the field and Belinda rolled back home.  The next day the wind was a little stronger and it took her longer to get back home.  Each day the wind got a little stronger than the day before, taking her farther away and Belinda had to work harder to get back home.  She was one tired little seed when she snuggled down in the warm soil after her rides on the magic wind.  Sometimes she even slept late in the morning and waited for the afternoon wind to take her for a ride.
One day close to the end of March, the wind picked her up and carried her really high.  She rode for a long time.  There was so much to see from up here.  There were houses for people and barns for animals.  Birds flew past them singing really pretty songs.  When the sun was high in the sky, it felt warm on her back.  Then the sun began to get tired and wasn’t standing up so high in the sky.  Maybe it was embarrassed about being tired because it started turning a little red.  Then it got so tired that it sat down on the earth.  By that time Belinda was getting tired and asked the wind to take her home, but he just kept blowing her away. 
Belinda tried again, “Please take me home.  I’m tired and I want my nice comfy soil.  I want to see my mom and dad.”
The wind just kept blowing, up and down, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.
Belinda began to cry, but the wind didn’t stop.  Belinda fell asleep.  She slept a long time. 
Suddenly the wind dropped her on the ground with a thud and she woke up.  She looked around and didn’t know where she was.  The soil was different from the soil at home.  It was cold here.  There were tall plants that looked like poles all around her as far as she could see.
Belinda looked at the pole next to her and said, “Who are you?”
The pole said, “I’m Carl Corn.  Who are you?”
“I’m Belinda Bluebonnet and I want to go home.  Can you help me get home?”
Carl said, “Where is home?”
Texas”, Belinda said proudly.
“Well this is Oklahoma and it’s a long way from Texas.  How did you get here?”
“The wind blew me here.  He used to be my friend, but today he didn’t play nice.  He wouldn’t take me home when I asked him.”
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