Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update on Shock Television

At the beginning of this week, I posted a blog about shock TV.  I wrote about behavior on TV that is intended to shock the audience under the guise of entertainment.  I challenged the readers to begin emails to their contacts or begin a group on facebook and voice their opposition to behavior we enjoy on TV that we would not tolerate in real life.  How many people responded to my challenge?  The number of responses I received was 0.

Not one person felt the need to express opposition.  There could be many reasons for that.  Let's look at some:
  • The challenge was met, but did not notify me.
  • There is no opposition.
  • No one cares.
  • Everyone is too busy to get involved.
  • No one read the blog.
Whatever the reason, no one responded to the challenge.
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