Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspiring Movie

My passion for people with disabilities is well known.  It was my job for years.  It is the majority of my writing.  I am a sucker for a success story of a person with disabilities.

Last night I watched a movie about a man with Tourettes Syndrome who became a teacher.  The man is Brad Cohen and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  The movie went through his early life.  It showed how his parents and teachers did not know he had a disability.  They believed that he made the noises and ticks for attention.  He had been to many doctors.  Most said he was undisciplined.  Finally, his mother came to believe his profession that he was unable to control it.  She went to the library and researched it herself.  Then she took the information to the doctor, resulting in a diagnosis of Tourettes Syndrome. 

Brad still suffered ridicule from fellow students at school until an understanding principal educated them in an assembly.  Life was never easy for him, but he believed in himself and went to college for teaching.  He used his disability to educate his students and adults.  Rather than allowing his disability to defeat him, he embraced it and used it for others.

I highly recommend this movie or the book.
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