Monday, May 23, 2011

Sister Wives

I watched the final episode of Sister Wives, the show about the life of a polygamist family.  Polygamy is illegal in the United States.  I do understand that and do not condone their lifestyle.  However, let's look at the other side.  In this particular case, the situation is a mutual agreement between one man and four women.  The four women are best friends and have actively sought each other to become part of the family.  Some of the wives have been divorced and each have expressed their freedom to leave this marriage at any time.  Each wife has a different function within the family and all respect each other's strength and weaknesses.  I have watched almost all of the shows and noticed the love expressed by everyone and for everyone in the family. 

This family chose to go public with their lifestyle, knowing they might be persecuted for it.  The final episode was about them getting ready to leave the state because they feared criminal charges. 
The law enforcement had begun driving up and down the street in front of the family home, which had never been done before the show began. The situation was stressful for everyone.  The plan was to leave town quietly, but then the press found out and published the plan.  The family had to sneak out of town--no small feat for a family of this size.  As they were packing, sirens began and the entire family went into panic mode.

Let me say again--Polygamy is illegal in the United States.  Guess what?  So is adultery and fornication.  Yes the laws are still on the books.  Below are excerpts from two sites on the web about the laws.

Twenty-six states continue to have anti-adultery laws on the books. These laws vary considerably. Some define adultery as any intercourse outside marriage. According to others, it occurs when a married person lives with someone other than his or her spouse. In West Virginia and North Carolina, simply "to lewdly and lasciviously associate" with anyone other than one's spouse is to be adulterous.

Fornication is sexual intercourse between an unmarried man and woman. Fornication still remains a misdemeanor in some states, as is adultery.

Both adultery and fornication are committed on a daily basis, yet no one has to sneak out of town because of it.  In 2009, 41% of the births in United States were by unmarried couples.  How many of them were arrested?  Of these births, 40% do not receive support from the father.  How many of them were arrested? 

Failure to support your child is also illegal.  How many noncustodial parents are arrested for nonsupport?  I know it is on the rise, but not quickly enough to suit me--but then again, I was the child not supported. 

The use of illegal drugs is against the law, but stand on the street corner of any major city and watch the transactions.  Why aren't these people arrested more often?  I know, I know.  The cops don't want the user, they want the seller.  One thing I learned in Economics class was that if there is no market for a product, the business will fold. 

What does all this ranting have to do with Sister Wives?  Let me tell you what I think.  I think that surely the law enforcement of that state had more serious crimes to spend their time on rather than harass a self-supporting, alcohol and drug free, nonviolent, tax paying man who has more than one woman he prefers to call wife.  It is alright to have one wife and three mistresses, but not four wives. 

This article is not for or against polygamy.  It is not for or against adultery or fornication.  It is not even for or against nonsupport of children.  It is about getting our priorities right in this nation.  I know polygamy is illegal, but in the grand scheme of things is it important enough to have law enforcement spend their time watching the house instead of arresting drug addicts or people driving under the influence who have the potential to kill someone?  Is it more important than seeing that a child has food on the table?  Is it more crucial than stopping the number of children brought into this world for the sole purpose of collecting more welfare money from society?  By the way, jaywalking is illegal also.  Careful crossing the street, you could be arrested.  But don't worry, the drug pusher on the other street corner will be just fine while you are escorted 'downtown'.
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