Friday, June 17, 2011

The Famous Book Writer

In April of this year, I conducted a book signing at the church where we belong.  I called my friend and asked if she could handle the money for me and then send the customer to my table.  This would allow me to visit with everyone.  She immediately agreed but then explained that her 10 year old granddaughter was visiting.  I said, "Bring her along.  She won't be any problem."

The intelligent, 10 year old Scarlett proved to be a great asset to the signing.  She never meets a stranger so had no problem instructing the adults of what was needed.  I heard her tell our 92 year old head deacon, "Please sign her guest book so she will know that you were here."  After he signed, she said, "If you'll step over to that table, the author will sign the book for you."

Today at Vacation Bible School, Scarlett introduced me to one of her friends.  She said, "This is Miss Theresa Franklin.  She is the famous book writer.  Did you know that we have a famous book writer in our church?" 

I turned to the other child and said, "I'm only famous because Scarlett keeps telling everyone I am."  What does the bible say about the faith of a child?
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