Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Husband's Response to Fashion Statements

My husband does not take to most of the new fashion statements favored by our youth.  In his younger days, he would complain to me about their choice of fashion.  Now he has reached the age where he can say something to them--and get by with it.

Several months ago he was working in the garage and hit his finger with a hammer.  A few days later he went to a restaurant.  The waitress had painted her finger nails black.  My husband said, "Oh, Sweetheart.  Did you hit your finger with a hammer."

"Noooo."  She said.

"I hit my finger with a hammer.  See?"  He replied holding up his injured finger.

Yesterday we went into a fast food restaurant.  The young man at the counter had a hoop going completely through his bottom lip.  My husband looked at him with a questioning look on his face.

"Have you been fishing, young man?"  He asked.

"No sir, I haven't."  The young man laughed.

"Has someone been fishing for you?" 

"No sir, they haven't."  Again the young man laughed.  "It's a fashion statement."

My husband ordered his meal, never taking his eyes off the 'hook' in the young man's lip.  Before I ordered, my husband said, "How much did that cost?"

"Twenty-five dollars."

I fully expected to hear my husband say, I would have put a fish hook in your mouth for 25 cents.  Thankfully he didn't.
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