Monday, August 1, 2011

Standing Up For Christ

I would like to tell you about an experience I had in the grocery story Saturday.  After I made my selections, I went through the checkout line just fine.  As the cashier was nearing the completion of my transaction, a man walked up behind me in line.  In his basket was a car battery.  He placed a clear produce bag containing four ears of corn on the belt of the counter.

The cashier completed my transaction and began a conversation with the man.

"Can I help you?"
"I bought this battery in automotive."
"Well you didn't have to come through here for that."
"Where's my corn?"
"Your what?"
"My corn."

The cashier looked around for the corn and suddenly screamed "She took it."

I looked in my basket and there on the top of all the white plastic bags containing my purchases was a clear produce bag with four ears of corn.

Grabbing the bag out of my basket, she yelled, "That's not your's."

I said, "I didn't put those in there."
"Yes you did.  You took them off the belt."
"No I didn't.  Did you charge me for them?"
"No.  You were already through.  I was giving you your change and you took them off the belt."
"I did not take them off the belt."  I thought, Walk away, Theresa.  Don't make a big deal of this."

I went to my car and could not shake the feeling.  I looked for the man to let him know that I did not take his corn, but never saw him again.

I began driving home and tried to feel comfortable with the interaction, but failed miserably.  I picked up my cell phone, called directory assistance, and called the store.  When the manager got to the phone I told her what had happened.  She listened quietly.  Then I asked, "How could I have reached across that counter and taken them off the belt without her seeing me?"

"You couldn't have."  She said in a very irritated voice.
"I know it's not a big deal."
"Oh, but it is a big deal."
"I don't want anyone thinking that I tried to steal something.  I am a born again Christian and I wouldn't steal anything let alone corn."

I felt that I had an obligation to stand up for Christ.  Proclaiming Christians are committing crimes more and more these days.  I could not allow someone to believe that I tried to steal something.

The manager was sincere, apologetic and understanding.  She asked me to find my receipt and tell her the number for the cashier.  Then she said, "I am so sorry that she treated you this way.  That should have never happened and it will be addressed."

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