Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog? Me?

When I suggest that someone start blogging, I am asked "Why would I blog?  What would I say?"  Well as to why, writing is communication and communication is essential to a healthy mind.  Writing is also a stress release.  At first you may not be able to think of anything to say, but it will surprise you at how you begin to look at things in the world.  If you read something in the newspaper or see it on the news and it makes you mad, you can blog about it.  You get to tell the whole world how you feel and no one can interrupt you.  If you have a story, blog.  Again you get to 'talk' and no one can interrupt.  They can send you comments, but you can delete those if you want.

What would I say?  There are all kinds of blogs for all kinds of reasons.  My blog is eclectic and covers a wide range of subjects--depending on my mood that day.  It is a great way to witness to others.  It is a teaching tool.  One teacher has a child with a severe disability.  So many people asked her for updates that she started a blog.  Now people all over the world are reading the updates and praying for that child.  What about a prayer chain for your Sunday School class?  How many times I have gone to church only to discover that someone died and was buried during the week and I didn't even know they were sick.  What a fantastic way for teachers to share ideas about teaching.  There are hundreds of reasons to blog and you only need one.

When I sign into my blog, I go straight to the 'stats' page.  I want to know how many people have read it lately.  Then I click on 'audience'.  That tells me which countries the people who read were residing.  I have readers from Africa, Finland, England, Taiwan, and several other countries.  I know no one in these countries, but they are reading what I write.  How cool is that?  Please consider beginning a blog.  It is very rewarding.

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