Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christian Birds

Christian birds?  That's stupid.  Birds are incapable of accepting Christ as savior, therefore unable to be called Christian.  I agree.  But let's look at their characteristics  and compare them to some Christians.

Do you know any vulture Christians?  The vulture is a scavenger. These large birds glide on air currents, conserving energy while searching the forests or savanna below for the corpses of dead animals.  Some Christians are vultures.  They glide on air currents, put forth very little effort, but are always at church when something is dead.  They stand by ready to eat any pastor or church member.  These are the church members who never darken the door of the church until they hear that a business has been called to vote on a controversial subject.  Vulture Christians are easy to spot.

Then there are the blue jay Christians.  The blue jay is a familiar and widespread bird throughout the East. Generally loved or hated, it has acquired a Jekyll-and-Hyde reputation. It is a frequent visitor to backyard feeding stations, where its raucous and rambunctious behavior is well known.  These Christians are the best or worst example of Christianity, depending on who you ask.  They will do anything in the world for you or they won't lift a finger.  Pretty to look at, but not dependable.

Don't forget the crow Christians.  The crow never forms flocks; is not found in urban areas and has more extensive vocal repertoire. Crow Christians don't get involved but they can sure squawk when something is not done. 

The hummingbird Christians.  The hummingbird is beautiful, delightful to watch, and an amazing example of energy in motion.  Yet after watching them for a while, you will see that they are mean to each other.  They actually lie in wait for another bird and then attack in mid-air.  We have some hummingbird Christians.  They show up every time, are beautiful, but watch them attack other members.  They are quick and their strike is merciless just like the hummingbird.
Everyone knows about parrot Christians.  Parrots are beautiful.  Their bright colors can bring any room to life. They are entertaining.  They can be taught to say any human word.  Parrot Christians know how to work the room.  The strut around and really get the crowd going.  They can say anything, yet like the parrot, don't know what they are talking about.

Can you think of any more Christian birds?
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