Monday, September 19, 2011

Sugar Babies

I saw Dr. Phil's show the other day entitled "Sugar Babies".  This is a 'dating' service which is web-based available to men and women.  The service featured was called Sleeping Arrangements whose membership includes 90,000 women and 900,000 men.  They don't call it prostitute because the couple see each other on a regular basis and the men do not pay for sex.  They pay for the company of the women.  They pay on a monthly basis, whether they see the women that month or not.  The men are called "Sugar Daddies". 

The show got a little heated at times, especially when Dr. Phil called it "thinly disguised prostitution".  The arranger was a graduate of MIT and seemed to be intelligent, however shallow.  The women were young, beautiful and mostly college students.  Some said they used the money to pay for college.  The website made money when the men paid their $50 monthly subscription.  The women made money from the Sugar Daddies. 

What appalls me is the number of people enrolled in this one program.  What does this say about the moral fiber of America?  People would rather not be committed to another, pay someone to be with them, and make money off of what they call a relationship.  This shift in thinking cannot be good for America, family, or reputable society.  We are quickly headed toward a non-civilized society.
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