Monday, October 24, 2011

The Real Meaning of Real Estate Advertisement

We sold our home quicker than originally planned and must rent a house for a few months until we are able to move permanently.  I have been searching for temporary housing and have learned much about wording in Real Estate Ads.  Please allow me to educate you.
The word luxury in the name of the apartment complex does not mean that the apartment is luxurious, just the price.
The word spacious means that you will be able to walk between your bed and the wall—barely.
Historic means old, dilapidated, falling down, nothing works—and doesn’t have to because it is historic.
Cottage means small rooms packed tightly together.
Cute means large enough for a good sized playhouse.
New Orleans style charm means they didn’t how else to describe it.
To the right family means no one else has applied.
Efficiency means one room and all four walls can be touched while standing in the same spot.
If the ad specifies a school district, it means the neighborhood is undesirable.
Option to buy means it has been for sale too long.
Great location means right on a noisy highway.
Craftsman means broken.
I’m sure you get the picture.  I know we need to emphasize the positive, but really?  Does that apply to real estate?
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