Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun in the Office

As an administrator in a school district, I was supervisor to all of the Special Education teachers.  I had two male teachers at the high school, who also served the district as coaches.  These two guys could not have been more fun.  However, it did cause me some problems.
If you want to know what these two men looked like, look in the dictionary under helpful, fun, kind, and love.  They were wonderful and I loved them both dearly.  One day I had given them instructions to complete a specific task the following day. They talked together and decided that the task could be completed later.  They changed their schedule for that day to do what they wanted.  I was livid.

I fired off an email to the two of them and carbon copied all the principals and the superintendent.  I raled on them.  I chewed them out up one side and down the other.  Some of what I said could not be defined as 'professional'.  I was mad and made it very clear in the email. 

I hit 'send' and sat back and waited.  The first response was from the superintendent.  I thought, I am so dead.  She is going to kill me. I took a deep breath and prepared to open the email.  This superintendent who has a PhD, taught Senior English and clearly has mastery of the English language.  So I was ready for a tongue lashing.

Her email?  "You go, girl."

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