Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sharing a Bless Today

Today I get to share a blessing with you.  From the picture you are guessing that we put our house on the market in this slow economy and sold it quickly.  WRONG!

We were to going to put our house on the market in the spring of 2012 when my husband retires.  Our plans were and still are to move to the lake so he can fish--a priority in our house.

Last summer a neighbor knocked on our door and said, "My little brother wants to buy your house."
I said, "Would he like to see it first?"
He said, "I don't know.  I think he'd buy it today if you'd sell it to him."

The couple came and looked at the house, loved it, and we discussed price.  They thought the price was too high and asked for my bottom-line price.  Still too high.  Then they told us they had to sell their home first.  I thought Not going to happen.

We received a phone call four weeks ago from the potential buyer.  He said, "I sold my house and I'm ready to buy your house.  I'm not going to argue about the price.  I'm meeting your bottom-line price."

What a blessing.   We prayed for guidance in selling it.
  • We sold a house that we didn't put on the market.
  • We sold a house in a slow economy.
  • We sold a house for the price we wanted.
  • We sold a house is an area flooded with houses for sale. (People are now renting houses that have not sold.)
  • The buyer sold his house under the same conditions allowing him to buy our house.
What a wonderful God we have.  He meets our needs before we actually have the need.  We are praising God for this blessing.

Now all we have to do is move.  Ugh!

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