Monday, December 12, 2011

Unseen Talent

Please allow me to tell you about the Christmas Cantata we sang yesterday.  We have an amazing choir.  All are untrained, sing from the heart, and give the praise to God.  We have all participated in church choirs for years and can usually do what our director asks.  There are times we do better than expected and with good reason.

Our director has been blessed with more talent than should be legal.  She can hit any note on or off the scale, play any instrument you put in her hand and teach anyone to sing.  Those are all talents we can see and hear.  But the biggest talent she possesses can't be seen.  It is the ability to inspire one to sing.  The congregation probably doesn't know why at times our choir goes from good to great in a matter of seconds.  It is the look on our director's face.  When we are doing well a smile lights up her face bright enough to block out all the overhead lighting. 

I have participated in several church choirs and had many directors, but never one who could bring out the best in a choir more than the one I have now.  The ability to bring out the best in others is a talent that can't be seen with the human eye, but the spirit can feel it.  Everyone should have someone in their life that covers the flaws and polishes the gems until that is all that others see. 

Thanks Rosemary for being that person and thanks, God for sending us Rosemary.
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