Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeling Good About Feeling Well

I have been absent from the scene for a while now.  I tried to blog when I could, but there were days that I just did not have the strength to type. 

It all began about two months ago when we sold our home of 35 years.  We were moving into a temporary home until my husband retires.  The plan was to move what we absolutely needed to the rent house and move the rest to storage close to our retirement home.  It was going great until my husband hurt his back.  Then  guess who had the privilege of doing more than her fair share.  You are right.  I did.  Of course it didn't take long for my back began reminding me of my age.  However, I don't have permanent back damage, so I took Advil and worked through it.

We moved into the rent house the day after Thanksgiving.  Still had a lot to do at the old house, but we were in the new house.  It seemed like every day I went to the old house and worked to move something or clean something.  We were scheduled to close the transaction on December 1.  That date was delayed by problems with the buyer's sale of his old house.  We were probably given five different dates before we finally closed on January 5 of this year. 

Meanwhile we had purchased two adjoining pieces of property from two different individuals with the anticipation of building our retirement home.  The delay of closing our old house delayed the closing of the properties. 

Finally, last Thursday we closed on the properties.  Now we can relax, right?  Wrong!  Friday I hurt my knee.  It was so swollen and painful, I seriously considered going to the emergency room.  I took something for the pain, iced my knee and suffered through.  I was unable to lie in the bed and spent three nights in the recliner.

Yesterday I saw the doctor, did an ultrasound and received prescriptions for swelling and pain.  This morning I am not pain free, but on the way.  I would say that today I am uncomfortable, but not in pain. That is a great feeling.  I will take uncomfortable any day.

Thank God for healing.
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