Monday, January 16, 2012

Review of Night of the Cossack Study Guide

Night of the Cossack Lesson Plan
Ten day lesson plan based on the book Night of the Cossack. This lesson plan covers Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies plus discussion questions concerning Moral Dilemmas.

Being a homeschooling mother, I'm very picky as to what my children read and learn. I'm a traditional schooler, so this is my first experience with a unit study. I wasn't disappointed. Ms. Franklin put together an excellent resource for any teacher, whether homeschool, public, or private, that was thorough, in depth, educational, and fun. Utilizing online tools and references, as well as the traditional method - pencil and paper - this guide encompasses the whole spectrum that is suitable for upper middle grades and can be adjusted for high school students.

Mr. Blubaugh has written an excellent book in a easy to read voice that will capture your imagination, as well as your heart, while Ms. Franklin has incorporated a no less than excellent guide/teaching tool. These two authors make a most wonderful team that I would love to see more from.

Note - There are moral dilemmas dealt with in Mr. Blubaugh's book that may be a little uncomfortable for younger learners. These situations are dealt with in a tasteful and non-graphic manner. I highly recommend this study guide and Mr. Blubaugh's book for not only schooling purposes, but enjoyment as well.

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