Friday, March 30, 2012

Help My Child With Math

Please help me, Theresa.  My child needs help with math and I don't know how to help him.  Is there something on the computer that will help him at home?  Karen

Hi, Karen.  There are lots of websites that will help kids with their math.  These websites are interactive and most are self-checking.  Try these and see how they work.  These sites are easy to maneuver and understand.  I have personally used each one of them.  Nothing to be downloaded or ordered.  There are several options on this site.  Hidden Pictures displays a problem at the bottom of the puzzle and the answer is written on a square.  When the child chooses the right answer, the square opens up to reveal part of a picture.  At the end of the game, the child will see the complete picture, along with an explanation and the name of the photographer.  Concentration consists of two boards.  The problem is on the left board and the answer is on the board on the right.  The child must not only come up with the correct answer, but remember where it is on the board.  You can chose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for each of these games.  There are more games on the site.  The site is colorful and interesting for children.  This site is set up by grade level and then by skill.  I chose 1st grade and then a list of first grade topics popped up.  I chose counting and then several games choices were given for me to play.  This site is bright and colorful with plenty of moving objects to keep the kids interested.  It is set up to choose the topic first.  Once chosen, there is a short lesson and encouraging word for the child, then the game begins.  The one I played, used kid language to convey whether the answer was correct or not.  This site is set up by grade or topic.  After you make your choices, you can then decide whether to practice, watch a video lesson or go to a math worksheet.  The kids earn tokens as they move up the skill level.
These are only a few of the great websites to help your child.  If you google math websites for kids, a ton of options will be given to you.  A word of caution!  Not all websites are easy to maneuver or fun.  Play with the website yourself before inviting your child to play.  If your math weary child is hit with math sites that are more of a challenge than fun, he will lose interest and you will lose a very valuable teaching tool.

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