Thursday, March 22, 2012

It May Be Legal, But?

Patient sleeping in a hospital bed next to an IV towerMuch has been made about the fake cancer drugs that have been sold in several countries, including the United States.  On the nightly news last night, the reporter interviewed the owner of the company that sold the drugs.  Guessing from his speech and mannerism, he is an American who moved to Barbados to establish his company.  The reporter asked him about the useless drugs and he answered, "We have done nothing wrong.  Everything we have done is legal and ethical."

Alright, let's assume for a minute that the action of the company was ethical and legal.  The drugs were purchased because someone was suffering with a life threatening disease.  Where are your priorities when you can knowingly dupe someone in that much pain?  There are times that 'legal and ethical' are not the question.  What ever happened to right and wrong?  Would the company give those drugs to someone they loved?  Would the owner take the drugs if he were suffering with cancer? 

I would also like to point out that the owner of the company expressed no regrets for the pain or suffering his actions had produced.  He expressed no sympathy to the patients who had lived the pain, believing the drug he sold them would help.  He accepted no responsibility for any action of himself or his company. 

We seem to be living in a no fault world.  Does anyone take responsibility for their actions anymore?  Can anyone just apologize?  No excuses.  No passing the buck.  No hiding behind some law.  Just plain old, "I messed up and I apologize." 

It might be legal, but is it right?
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