Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There's Always a Solution

 We were at the lake and I had worked hard to clean the house while my husband fished.  It looked great.  I looked at my kitchen and thought, There is no way I am going to cook and mess that up.  Plus I don't want to clean it again.  Now what should I do?  My husband will be in from fishing soon and experience tells me he will be hungry.  There is only one small cafe' close to our house.  Again my brilliant minds shifted into high gear.  I'll go down to the cafe' and get a couple of burgers and fries.  I can make it back before Sam gets home.

Arriving at the cafe' I immediately saw that no one was there.  No cars!  No people inside!  No lights on inside!  What now?  The small store down the street sells pizza.  Sam is not a pizza person.  He might have to be tonight.  My thoughtful wife voice said.  Still thinking of what to do, I put the car in reverse and began to back up.  At just that moment the owner of the cafe' came out of the marina office.

I lowered my window and asked, "Are you open?"  He replied, "Yes, I'm open, but I'm running around doing a hundred other things.  What do you need?"  I asked, "Can you make a couple of burgers for me?"  "Sure"  "May I come in?"  "Yes, but you might be put to work in here."  "That's alright.  I've done it before."  He unlocked the door and we both went in.  Quickly he handed me a menu and said, "Look at this and tell me what you want.  I'll be back in a minute."  Almost as quickly as he came, he walked out the door.  Now what do I do?  I waited for a few minutes.  He came back.  "Did you figure out what you wanted."  "Yes, two burgers, two fries, and two corn dogs."  "I'll get right on it."  He got out the meat and again left the cafe'.  I waited.  After a few minutes,  I thought He is never going to make my burgers.  I walked to the grill and frier, felt both and discovered they were still hot.  I started cooking my burgers. 

The owner returned and didn't seem at all surprised that I was cooking.  "Did you find everything you need?"  He asked as he laid out the buns.  The door opened and an older couple came in.  "Can I help you?"  The owner asked.  "Two burgers and two fries."  They answered.  The owner got out two more patties and I put them on the grill.  The owner got out the fries and I put them in the frier.  He finished putting the fixings on the buns and they were ready for the meat patties.  The fries finished cooking and he took them to the couple.  Again he left to check on something at the marina.  I put the cooked meat on the buns and served the couple.  The door opened and a man came in.  "He'll be right back."  I told him.

I finished my order and was wrapping it when the owner came back in.  "I'm finished.  What do I owe you?"  "Oh I'm not going to charge you for this.  I appreciate your help and you can come back and help me anytime you're bored."  I laughed and told him I just might do that.  When I told my husband, he said I probably needed a part-time job and he would talk to the owner about it.  It was fun, but I don't want to do it on a regular basis.
But look at it this way.  I took home restaurant food that I didn't pay for.  I cooked in someone else's kitchen that I didn't have to clean.  My kitchen stayed spotless.  Not a bad deal.

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