Friday, July 6, 2012

The Value of Life

By now you've heard the story of the lifeguard who was fired for saving the life of a man outside of his assigned zone.  After he was fired, four fellow lifeguards walked off the job on principle.  One of them asked how it could be wrong to save a life.

Before you say that is the most ridicules thing you've ever heard, wait for the explanation of the company.  A spokesperson stated that they faced liabilities if they went outside of their contracted area.  The company was not willing to accept that risk.  Let's think about this.  I save the life of someone in an area I am not paid to protect.  What are the odds that the victim or family will sue because their loved one lived?  Even if someone did feel that way, would they be willing to stand up in court and say that?  "Your Honor, I wanted him to die so I could collect the life insurance.  This lifeguard had no right to save him.  He should have stayed in his zone and let my husband die."  Think about the ride home.  "Now Honey, don't take what I said in court today personally.  I just wanted to get the money.  How about we go away for the weekend to celebrate?  Maybe to that place up in the mountains away from everyone?"   If this man is dumb enough to go away with her after she says that, he deserves to die.

Now let's look at the worst case scenario.  Maybe the family does sue.  Maybe the victim sues because he was trying to commit suicide.  Is the threat of a lawsuit more important than the life of a human being?  Have we become so litigated-conscious that we are willing to watch a person die to avoid the possibility of a lawsuit?  Does a human life have so little meaning that we won't put ourselves out to save one.  Do we not value life anymore? 

What is the value of a life?  What is the value of your child's life?  What is the value of your life?

PS.  The lifeguard was offered his job back but turned it down stating he didn't want to work for a company whose rules were more important than a life.  Way to go, buddy.
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