Thursday, September 20, 2012

Frustrating Choice

Did you see the news reports yesterday?  The way I understand the reports is that Romney said something he wasn't supposed to at a private gathering.  When the blunder was reported to the media, he countered with something like 'well do you know what Obama said?'   Is this not the adult version of the old playground argument 'He did it?'  
For years, elections have been run on the he-is-lying mentality, but this year the candidates have pulled out all the stops.  Obama is not a citizen.  Obama is a citizen.  Romney is for redistribution.  Romney is not for redistribution.  Obama is for redistribution.  Obama used to be for redistribution, but not now.  Romney is a Christian.  Romney is not a Christian.  Obama is a Christian.  Obama is not a Christian.  Is your head spinning as fast as mine?
It is not often that I post something political in my blog.  It is my person belief that you have the right to your political and religious beliefs and I would not attempt the change your mind.  But today I want to say that this November will be the most important election in the last forty years.  We have less than 60 days to make up our minds and make a decision.  Let me appeal to you to make a decision.  Our country has been founded on the principal of freedom of expression.  It is your right to vote (express) in the election.  It is also your responsibility.  If you fail to vote you will have no right to complain about what we get.  If you want change--VOTE.  If you want things to stay the way they are--VOTE. 
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