Friday, December 21, 2012

Fictional Account

Today is Fiction Friday, but I don't plan to write a story.  The account will be completely fictional, but thought provoking.

Before I begin, please let me make one thing very clear.  I believe in the second amendment which gives citizens the right to carry arms.  My husband has owned guns since before we married.  My children were raised to respect guns and gun safety.  I think I am the only one in the family who doesn't hold a Concealed Handgun License.     I believe in the right to own a gun.  I do not believe in the right to carry guns with the ability to mow down a group of people in less than five seconds.

One week ago Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School with a 22-caliber Bushmaster M4 carbine gun and shot, killing 20 students and 6 others.  Tuesday I heard a news reporter say that since that date the sale of those guns has risen to a record level.  When I heard that I wondered how that encounter looked like?   Here is my fictional account.

A man walks into a gun shop.
Shop Owner:  May I help you?
John Q. Public: I want one of them 26-caliber Bushwacker R7 carbine guns.
Shop Owner:  I'm sorry, sir.  I am not familiar with that gun.  Is it possibly called something else.
John Q. Public:  Well it might be.  Maybe it's a 28-caliber.
Shop Owner:  There is no such gun sir.
John Q. Public:  Yeah there is.  You know.  It's one of them KK guns.
Shop Owner:  KK guns?
John Q. Public:  Yeah.  A kindergarten killer gun.
Shop Owner:  I have never heard it called that.
John Q. Public:  Well that's what Adam Lanza did with it.  Shouldn't it be called that?
Shop Owner:  I really don't think that is a very good name for it, but I do have a gun that is the same make and model as the one he used.  Would you like to see one?
John Q. Public:  Oh no.  If you'll just wrap it up, I'll take it home and look at it.

What kind of a person goes out immediately after such a tragedy and buys the same weapon???  What kind of a person sells a weapon like that after the killing?  Have we become so business minded that we have no morals or standards?  Has money become so important to us that we are will to sacrifice the lives of small children?

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