Monday, March 25, 2013

A Lesson From My Heart

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                                   A Lesson From My Heart

Please allow me to express my thoughts today.  Just to give you heads up, this posting will be uncomfortable for many.  I know it will be uncomfortable for many in my family.  I hope everyone, especially those that are uncomfortable, stick with me to the end.  These are thoughts meant to comfort hurting hearts.

Like most families, cancer has reached out its craggy fingers and touched someone we love.  I will not identify the family member to protect her privacy.    She has been told by three different doctors that at this time, there is no cure for her type of cancer.  She has decided to discontinue chemo treatments.  She is using other recommended treatments, but sick and tired of the effects of the chemo.  

One day I remembered that when someone passes away from cancer, someone says something like, "John lost his battle with cancer on Thursday."  I thought about that and immediately thought, No, she won't lose her battle with cancer.  She will win her battle with cancer.  

At the instant she takes her last breath, she will have beaten her cancer and any other disease she has.  She will be pain free, debt free, guilt free, stress free, and sin free for eternity.  You see, she is a very special person.  She is a child of the King.  She accepted Christ as her savior when she was a child and is positive that she will be waiting in heaven for me when I arrive.  

For all families facing the certain death of a loved one, let's look at it from God's perspective.  Death is not a defeat.  It is victory.  Victory over the disease, sin, and this world in general.  The next time you are faced with saying farewell to a love one, remember two things.
  • The grave is not goodbye--it is 'see you later'.
  • Remember the lyrics to a Christian song.  The lyrics say, 'We have won, we have won.  Through the blood of Jesus, we have won.'
Will you have victory over your disease?  Have you accepted Christ as Savior?  

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