Monday, April 22, 2013

Pornography Comes In Many Shapes

Product DetailsProduct DetailsYou can rest easy now.  Your teenager can't look at inappropriate magazines or intimate parts of a woman's body.   All the magazines with women's parts showing are behind the counter, covered with a piece of black paper.  He won't see anything you don't want him to see.  Unless he in into sports and buys the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition of 2013.

My friend showed me this cover yesterday.  I had already seen it at the bookstore. My friend said, "That looks like two cantaloupes.  It is not attractive at all."  She opened the magazine and to our dismay, we found that this was actually one of the more modest photos in the book.  There was one photo of a model wearing only a thong--no top.  True she had her back to the camera, but was turned one quarter toward the camera so that her breasts showed, but the nipples were covered with her arm.   

Look at the Playboy Magazine on the right.  The model is more modestly dressed than the Sports Illustrated model.  Both of these covers are of 2013. Now I am not advocating that your teenager be allowed to buy Playboy Magazines.  What I am saying is that it doesn't matter what title is on the magazine, pornography is pornography.  Putting a suggestive photo on a magazine that does not come under the traditionally considered pornographic magazine genre changes nothing.  I don't care if Good Housekeeping puts it on their cover.  Suggestive is suggestive.  The name of the magazine doesn't make it appropriate.

The opinion in this blog is mine and I am blessed to live in a country where I am allowed to express it.  I welcome your opinion, whether for or against the photo.  Please leave me a comment telling me how you feel.
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