Monday, June 10, 2013


Close-up of a baby's face that is cryingIt is no secret how I feel about abortion.  My definition of abortion is forcing the consequences of your mistake onto an innocent victim.  Adoption is giving the joy of living to an innocent victim and a loving couple.

The second season of the new series  I'm Having Their Baby, will begin June 12, 2013 on oxygen.  It is the story of single mothers-to-be and couples who have decided to placed their unborn baby for adoption.  Some are addicts who do not wish to inflict their lifestyle on the baby.  Some are couples who simply cannot afford to support another child.

This is the most selfless act I can think of.  I'm sure part of my admiration comes from the birth of my first grandson.  He was born through an emergency c-section at 27 weeks, weighing 1.4 lbs. and 12" long.  When my son told me the details of the baby's birth, fear gripped my heart.  Although much progress has been made in neonatal medicine, only 36% of babies with this extreme low birth weight have no complications.

We consider our baby a miracle baby.  He is gaining weight quickly and there are no signs of complications.  Every time I look at him I am reminded that there are babies larger than him aborted every day.  Every one of those babies could have been a blessing to a family somewhere.  I would encourage anyone facing the birth of a baby without the means to support that child, to consider adoption.

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