Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here Am I, Send Me Lord--Unless I'm Busy

View detailsI know that's a weird title, but I heard it just last Saturday night.  Oh they didn't use those words, but that's what they said.  In fact, we all say it at some point.  "If we're in town that week, I'll help with VBS."  "If my daughter doesn't come for Christmas, I'll sing in the Cantata."  "If I get back from shopping in time, I'll come to bible study." 

Here's what happened last week. 
We were at a fellowship with mostly members of our church.  The conversation turned to the children's choir coming next week.  Someone asked if I still needed help.  I said I could use more help, but would get by without it if I had to.  One of the ladies sitting beside me has been tremendously blessed by the Lord.  She and her husband both give of themselves to the church, but that night she turned to me and said, "I didn't sign up to help because I didn't know what we were doing that week."  Excuse me?  I thought when we served God, we made a commitment and forsook anything that interfered with that commitment. 

Several years ago, my husband and I taught the College and Career Sunday School class.  One of the very faithful girls suddenly started missing Sunday School.  She would be there for church, but not Sunday School.  I became concerned and let her know we had missed her.  She angrily turned to me and yelled, "I cannot possibly stay out late on Saturday night and get up in time to attend your class on Sunday morning."  Then she turned and stomped away.  

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons why we cannot serve in a particular aspect.  The Lord doesn't expect us to serve in every facet of the ministry.  But how many times are we really just making excuses?  Or how many times do we have our priorities wrong?  Is God the most important person in our lives or do we schedule Him when we have time?   
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