Saturday, January 29, 2011

Memorial to Life, Faith, Hope & Love

Today Harbor Hospice held a memorial service to honor and celebrate the lives of all the patients served by Harbor Hospice in the last five years.  It was hosted by Wesley United Methodist Church with lunch served afterwards.

The theme of the service was Faith, Hope & Love.  It was a moving service with beautiful special music, lovely poems, and heart-tugging testimonials.   The staff members of Harbor Hospice spoke, each thanking the family members for being a blessing to them.  

The names of patients who have passed away in the last five years were displayed on the wall.  It was a comfort to know that our loved ones have not been forgotten by the people who cared for them during their last days on earth. 

As  my stepfather was facing the end of his life here,  I watched as the staff from Harbor House cared for him.  I was not surprised by the level of care they gave him.  What was astounding was the level of care they gave the family.  Countless caregivers came to my mother's house and provided needed medical attention.  None of them left the house without giving my mother a hug.  Some even prayed with her before leaving. 

Harbor Hospice House is more than a care facility for the patient in the later stages of life.  It is a care facility for families saying goodbye to a loved one.  My mother was so blessed by their support that she began volunteering at the facility.  One of her duties is to phone those who have lost loved ones and offer support.  The support continues after the loved one has passed on.  Although my mother gives support to others, she still receives phone calls offering her support.

I am thankful that Harbor Hospice was there for our family and would recommend it to anyone facing the possibility of saying goodbye to a loved one.  Thank you, Harbor Hospice.
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