Monday, January 17, 2011

Safe in Our Father's Arms

While visiting friends, my husband was talking to the man with our 2 year-old son standing behind him.  Suddenly a big dog came walking up and our son let out a blood-curdling scream.  While still talking, his daddy turned and picked him up.  Safe in the arms of his father, our son stretched his arm over his daddy’s shoulders, made a smacking sound with his mouth and said, “’Mon, dog.”
I watched as my small son transformed from being deathly afraid of the “enemy” to being confident enough to confront him.  The only difference being he was in the protective arms of his father.  As I witnessed this scene, it reminded me of the way we should be in our Heavenly Father’s arms.  We should be terrified of the enemy when we are on our own, but completely confident when we are being protected by God.  With His help, we should fear no enemy.  When I am worried about something, no matter how large, I try to remind myself—my God is bigger than that.
Take comfort, knowing that no matter what you face today—your God is bigger than that.
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