Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog 101

This is just a little information on blogs.  At the bottom of each blog that you read, there are five icons.  These are shortcuts for you to share the blog with your friends who may not read the blog on a regular basis.

The first icon is an envelope.  If you left click on it, you can email the blog to someone.  I used this icon when I wanted a specific teacher to read a blog I had written about her.  I clicked the icon, a box popped up and I typed in her email.  Then I received a message that said, "Your friend has been sent the blog." 

The second one is a 'b' and is for sharing a blog on your blog.  When a book is being launched that I think someone would be interested in, I go to the author's page, click the 'b' and the link shows on my blog page.

The third one is a 't'.  It is for sharing a blog on your twitter page.  I can click on it and my twitter sign box pops up.  Then I click "tweet" and the blog goes to my twitter.

The fourth icon is a 'f'.  It is for sharing a blog on your facebook page.  I use this one when posting my blog on facebook, which is how most of you log on to the blog.

The last one is for sharing on google buzz.  I have not personally used this one, so I don't have first hand knowledge about it.

I hope this helps you know how to share a blog.  It is very helpful to the author when a blog is shared with others.  When I look at the stats on my page, I can tell that the blog has been read by people in the U.S., France, England, New Zealand, and South Africa.  Seeing this inspires me to write more.  Thanks for your help.
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