Tuesday, February 22, 2011

eReaders for Kids and Teens

Why would someone consider an eReader for a child or teen?  They are expensive and small enough to loose.  Here are some reasons.

Dedicated eReaders cost between $80 and $200.  That is less than most Smartphones and Ipods that many kids and teens carry.  The price is predicted to drop to $60 in the next year.  They are also larger than any cell phone or Ipod.  Books are cheaper on an eReader.  .

Students will read more on a computer than in a book.  Many of my 'nonreader' students could not read a book, but had no trouble reading the computer screen.  Many school districts are exploring the option of buying textbooks on e-format.  It is cheaper, easier for the students to carry, more durable, and easier to keep up with than traditional textbooks.  The font on an eReader can be enlarged for the comfort and needs of the student.  The capacity of eReaders is enormous.  They hold up to 15,000 titles, all of which can be deleted when no longer needed to make room for more books.

There are several eReaders made for children.  Caution should be used when purchasing one.  Be sure that the child will not outgrow the device too quickly.  For a very small child, the screen should be interactive.  Some eReaders store the books on cartridges.  Be careful of the cost and availability of the cartridges.  An eReader that can download books from the Internet may be more cost effective, as well as a time-saver.  Books download on the Kindle in less than one minute, which can be a great help when the student is doing a research project that he forgot to tell you about--due tomorrow.

Books in e-format make up 8% of all book sales.  Yet in 2010, traditional book sales were down 2% and e-books were up 178%.  This trend is predicted to continue in 2011.  E-Readers are here to stay and will become as common as cell phones in the near future.
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