Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Book Released

JoAnn Durgin, Christian Author
JoAnn Durgin
I am a member of a group that promotes books by Christian writers.  This week we are launching a novel by JoAnn Durgin.
Please visit her webpage to find out more about her books, convictions and life.

JoAnn writes:
If you love contemporary romantic adventures with great characters, humor and witty banter and dramatic conflict with a moving plotline and a touch of intrique, you are among friends.

Awakening features characters who seek to honor the Lord in their lives by putting their faith in action. Of course, being human, they often stumble and fall in endearing and humbling ways. But they always pick themselves up, dust off and get on with the process of living. Sam expects to marry a girl with a similar background to his own – raised in the faith and active in ministry. Any one of the women in his TeamWork Missions camp is a likely candidate. But he’s not looking. Enter Lexa Clarke. Her mother died when she was young, she was raised by a gruff father who wanted nothing to do with the church, and Lexa questions God’s purpose and direction in her life. And she’s not looking for a man. But when these two meet, the sparks fly. 

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