Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stay in This Lane

When our children were small, we were visiting relatives in Houston on a Friday night.  We stayed later than usual, leaving after 10:00 p.m. for the two hour drive home.  My husband was driving.  Since he was unfamiliar with Houston freeways, which can be confusing for anyone, I was giving him directions.  At one point where several freeways merged, I told him "Now stay in this lane."  My husband is a habitual right lane guy.  That means he believes that you drive in the right lane even if it leads to the electric chair.  No excuses--drive in the right lane.

At the last minute he changed lanes and got in the right lane.  Before I had time to say anything, we were on a different freeway that led to places I had never been.  There were no exit ramps.  There were no side streets.  There was no place to turn around.  That freeway led us to downtown Houston.  Do you know what is in downtown Houston at 11:00 p.m. on Friday night???? 

I will tell you what was there that night.  Nothing --except one car, two adults, three small children asleep in the backseat and lots of winos sleeping in the doorways.  In every doorway we passed there was at least one guy in a cheap suit curled up with a bottle in his arms. 

I remained completely silent.  I thought When we get home are we going to have an argument.  I planned to ask the question:  What part of stay in this lane is not clear?  In just a few minutes my husband said, "I guess when I am in Houston I need to stay in one lane."  Which of course, ruined my planned argument.  He could have at least given me the satisfaction of yelling at him.  Some people are so inconsiderate.
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