Thursday, March 10, 2011

Emergency Headache

Our son who is an EMT in a large city has come across some pretty interesting characters.  This an accounting of my favorite.

One Saturday night close to midnight, the station received a 911 call to respond to an emergency situation.  The ambulance responded in good time.  Our son was the lead EMT and the dialogue went similar to this:

EMT: What is the problem?
Patient (while holding forehead):  I took a bite of that ice cream and it gave me a headache.
EMT:  Well, are you alright now?
Patient (still holding forehead):  No man, I need to go to the hospital to be checked out.
EMT has not choice but to place patient in ambulance and transport him to the Emergency Room at a major hospital in a major city on Saturday night.  ER is full of patients.

Nurse to EMT:  What's the matter with him?
EMT to Patient:  You tell her.  I'm not telling her.
Patient to Nurse:  I took a bite of ice cream and it gave me a headache.  I need to see the doctor.
Nurse to EMT:  Is he kidding?
EMT to Nurse:  No, he insisted on being brought in.
Nurse to Patient in a loud angry voice:  You get out there in that waiting room and wait until I have time to deal with you.

Your tax dollars at work!
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