Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mormon Beliefs (Prefer to be called Latter Day Saints)

This is the fourth in the series Should We Bring Prayer Back in School?

Mormons prefer to be called Latter Day Saints.  They say that they don't follow Mormon.  They follow Jesus Christ.

Below is a condensed list of their beliefs:
There is one true and living God.
Jesus Christ is savior and redeemer as well as God of Creation.
Jesus Christ is the first spirit organized by the Father of Creation.
Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost.
By the atonement of Jesus Christ man will be saved.
Jesus was resurrected from death.
Jesus has all power over this creation.
The Godhead includes, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
The kingdom of God includes 4 elements: King, Laws, Officers, Members.
Baptism of water.
Baptism of Spirit.
Gifgts of the Holy Ghost.
Men have the opportunity to hear and accept the gospel after death of the spirit.
Baptism for the dead.
Literal gathering of Isreal.
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