Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Muslim Beliefs

This is the third in the series Prayer in Schools?

The word "Islam" comes from an Arabic root word meaning "peace", "safety". "Islam" means "peace and security through submission to God." In Arabic, you convert a general noun to a personal noun by preceding it with "M", so a Muslim (M+Islam) is a person who has found peace and security through submission to God.
The religion is Islam. The person who believes in Islam is Muslim.

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Muslim beliefs are closer to Judaism than Christianity. The following is a very short list of a very complex religion called Islam: 
One God and completely reject the "trinity".
God is not capable of talking, walking, or possesses any other human characteristic.
Muhammad was not the only prophet.  But they do believe that revelation ended with Muhammad.
Salvation and a place in paradise is obtained by complete submission to the will of God.
Islam is one community without regard to race, class, or socioeconomic status.
Purity is obtained by abstinence of alcohol, gambling, and drugs.  Purity is the basis for violent acts of the Muslim people.

The seven principles of Muslim beliefs.
1. Tawheed - the unity of God.
2. Risallah - acceptance of the Prophethood of Muhammad, a messenger of God.
3. Mala'ikah - belief in angels.
4. Kutubullah - belief in God's books (like the Koran and the Psalms of David).
5. Yawmuddin - belief in a Day of Judgment.
6. al-Qadr - acceptance of pre-destination.
7. Akhriah - faith in a resurrection after death.
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