Friday, April 8, 2011

Journey to Fulfillment

Losing Thirty-Five Years of Hard Work

My husband had grown up in the city on a very small
lot and always felt crowded. He had spent each summer
at his grandparent’s house in the country and
enjoyed the freedom to roam. He wanted some land
so that he could plant a garden and raise animals. He
wanted our children to have room to run and play
without disturbing the neighbors. In
sons were one and three years old, God blessed us
by allowing us to build our house. We lived in Port
Neches at the time, and our new house was in the
county outside of the city limits. The house cost way
more than we could afford; therefore, we had to complete
some of the work ourselves. We would drive out
to “the property” almost every day. Darrell, our threeyear-
old, called it “the plopity.”

We worked hard to achieve our goal. My husband
completed the wiring of the house. Not being an electrician,
he ordered an instruction manual from Sears
for fifty cents. Since he did not want to pay shipping
on a fi fty-cent item, he bought fi ve books and gave
them away as gifts—I am sure they were appreciated.
Anyway it was a good little book, and he followed the
instructions. He and a friend textured and painted the
ceilings and walls. I stained every door, cabinet, and
trim in the house. I took a class at Sherwin Williams
so that I could hang the wallpaper. There was literally
our blood, sweat, and tears in every wall. When our
friends would stop by to see the house, they would ask,
“How can you afford this?” We always replied, “God
gave it to us.” We were careful to give God the glory
and praise for our beautiful home.
Moving day was exciting and exhausting. My
husband was ill tempered due to being stressed and
fatigued. He blamed me for everything that went
wrong and didn’t mince words when he told me. I
knew he was tired and stressed, but his actions weren’t
helping anything. I was so angry with him it was hard
to feel sorry for him. But I felt so sorry for him it was
hard to be angry with him. I thought about fi ling for
divorce, but I didn’t have the money. I thought about
killing him, but I needed him to pay the mortgage. It
was a long day, but we worked through it and our marriage
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