Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journey to Fulfillment

Can’t Find My Tools
When buying supplies for any project at our house, I
include the tools. I buy cheap, disposable tools, with
the intention of throwing them away when the project
is complete. Sam disagrees with this practice. He
says if you buy good tools and take care of them, they
will last you a lifetime. I do understand that philosophy;
however, one look at his garage would indicate
my practice might be quicker. The tool needed for any
project is in his garage—somewhere. My thoughts run
along the line of -- if we have three hours to complete
a four-hour task and spend two hours looking for
the right tool, the odds of completing that chore are
slightly better than winning the Publisher’s Clearing
House Sweepstakes.

Since my husband works strange hours, when I
want a project completed, my options are waiting
for both of us to be off on the same day or complete
the task myself. When our oldest son was a baby and
before I started working outside of the home, we had
moved into a small rent house with Venetian blinds
on the windows. I hate Venetian blinds, so I bought
curtains to help the drab d├ęcor of the house. The next
day when my husband left for work, he said, “When I
come home tonight, I’ll hang those curtains for you.”
That night as we sat down for dinner, the phone rang.
A member of the church needed Sam’s help. After eating,
Sam went to the member’s house and helped him
complete the task. The next morning as he was leaving
for work, he said “When I come home tonight, I’ll
hang those curtains for you.” That night another member
of the church called for assistance. Sam went. The
next morning we repeated the farewell address. That
night we repeated the aid to needy church members.
This routine continued for three weeks. One morning
as he left and stated the now traditional departure,
I decided to hang those curtains myself. That night
when he walked into the living room and saw the curtains,
he said, “I would have hung those curtains for
you if you had just waited.”

It didn’t take long to realize that my husband’s idea
of the appropriate waiting period and mine were irreconcilable,
so I learned to complete the tasks myself.
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