Monday, May 16, 2011

Drought in Texas and ED Students

The recent drought resulting in burn bans across Texas reminded me of something that happened when I was teaching.

It was my last year of teaching.  I was teaching a group of emotionally disturbed teenagers in a building far, far away from the main building.  (Wouldn't want the other students to 'catch' emotional disturbance.)  The building was constructed of cinder blocks with no windows.  It had not rained in several months. 

The students were sitting quietly (for once) and listening while I was teaching.  Suddenly one of the students came in from another class and said, "It's raining outside."  Every student jumped up and ran to the door.  The teacher in me went into gear.  "Get back her and sit down.  We are having class."  One student turned to me and said, "But Miss, it's been so long since we've seen rain.  Can't we watch it for a while?"  I didn't even try to argue with that.  They spent several minutes on the covered porch of the building, watching the rain.  The only thing I fussed about was that they were all taller than me and I couldn't see.
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