Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Can't Go to School Today

It is the end of the school year and I can tell you from experience that the stress level at school is tremendous.  Everyone is tired and ready for a break.  The teachers are bickering among themselves.  The students are tattling on each other in every other breath.  The teachers are of hearing kids whine and parents complain. 

Here is a little joke that pretty much tells the entire story.

A mother woke her son up and said, "It's time to get up for school."
The son replied, "I can't go to school today."
The mother said, "You have to go to school today."
The son replied, "The kids hate me.  The teachers hate me.  Why should I go to school?"
The mother answered, "Because you are 35 years old and you are the principal."

The following link is a recording of an answering machine by a real school.  It was voted on by the teachers. I have listened several times and enjoyed it each time.
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