Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reviews of Christian Books

Have you ever purchased a book only to discover that it was not to your taste?  You try your best to complete it, but you just can't.  I have.  I have a book in my collection that I absolutely could not get more than half way through.  It was a Christian book with a good story line, but the sub-plots were too deep for my taste.

There are several sites dedicated to reviewing Christian books.  Here are 10 links to websites that should prove beneficial in your search for good reading material.

Author Promotions http://author-media-blog-book-marketing.blogspot.com/
The Everlasting Kingdom http://theeverlastingkingdom.blogspot.com/
Professional Book Reviews http://professional-book-reviews.blogspot.com/
The Authors Book Club http://authors-club-books.blogspot.com/
Just For Book Lovers http://just-for-book-lovers.blogspot.com/
Author Search http://authors-wanted.blogspot.com/
The Though Provoking Blog http://the-ericzehnder-collection.blogspot.com/
The Book Club http://da-book-club.blogspot.com/
Great Books, Great Reads http://great-books-great-reads.blogspot.com/
Da Blog Master http://da-blog-master.blogspot.com/
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