Thursday, July 21, 2011

Choose Today, Pay Tomorrow

It is no secret that the choices we make today have a profound impact on us tomorrow.  Research shows that to fight the appearance of wrinkles, we must beginning moisture before we see any wrinkles.  In order to keep a healthy body, we have to take care of it before it gets sick.

What about the choices some of our young people are making?  What about the piercings and tattoos and holes in the ears?  Have you ever thought about what they will look like in their old age?  The tattoo on the ankle might look good when the legs are firm and strong.  But what will it look like when the skin begins to sag?

The three inch holes in the ear with the plug?  What will it look like when they are 70 years old and have no desire to put the plug in the ear?  Hmmm.  Maybe we should reconsider some of our choices.
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