Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Michelle's Lunch

I never cease to be amazed at the ability the media has to make small things humongous.  I think it was last week that Michelle Obama committed the unpardonable sin of eating a 1700 calorie lunch at a fast food place.  I know she has advocated for healthy eating and the White House has a vegetable garden that she personally chooses.  But, come on, didn't you ever eat a high calorie lunch?

She has never said, "Never eat in a fast food restaurant" or "Never go over 300 calories in any meal."  She has advocated for a healthier life style.  A what?  Healthier lifestyle.  That means daily.  It means for the most part.  It means on a regular basis.  She wants us to have a healthier lifestyle not a forbidden lifestyle.

The average Thanksgiving dinner is over 2000 calories per person.  Let's get real.  There is no adult who can say that they have never eaten a 1700 calorie meal. 
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