Monday, July 18, 2011

From the Best to the Worst

What must it feel like to have once been known as the best and drop to the worst?  I don't know the answer.  But if you want to know, call Conn's Appliance Service Center (if you can find the number.  They are not in the phone book.) 

At one time, I bought all my major appliances from Conn's Appliance.  Not because they had the best appliances or prices.  But because they had the best service.  One time we purchased a freezer.  After just a few days, the alarm sounded signaling that the door had been left open.  It had not, so I called Conn's.  They came the next day and did what they could.  A few days later, the same thing happened.  I called Conn's.  Again they came and did something to the freezer.  About two weeks later, the alarm sounded once again.  I called Conn's and said "The alarm went off on my freezer again.  I need a repairman to come look at it."  The operator replied, "No ma'am.  This is the third time you have called me in 6 weeks about that freezer.  We will bring you a new one tomorrow."  Their thought at the time was that it cost them too much to send a repairman out repeatedly, the appliance must be a lemon, and it was cheaper for them to replace it.

That doesn't happen anymore.  Now you won't be able to find their number in the phone book.  If you call the number listed, it has been disconnected.  If you call the store, they will give you the number.  When I called that number, the operator said, "Someone will call you back this afternoon to schedule the appointment."  NO ONE called.  That was a week ago.  I called again this morning--after searching unsuccessfully for the number and then calling the store where I was given the number, but the wrong extension.  I called the number.  The machine went through its usual spill, then someone pickup the call.   The operator that answered my call informed me that the appointment was scheduled for Thursday.  I asked why I wasn't informed.  What if I hadn't planned to be home on Thursday?  He apologized and repeated the date for the appointment.  I called the cooperate office to complain.  Someone picked up the receiver.  I could hear the sound of other people working in the background. The operator that answered my call never said anything, then hung up.

Since I was a teacher, let's give Conn's a report card.

Sales people                A+
Selling warranties        A+
Selling appliances        A+
Friendly, clean stores  A+
Obtaining service        F
Upholding promises    F
Caring for customers   F
Follow through            F

It seems that Conn's has two separate policies.  One for getting your money and one for giving you service.
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