Friday, July 15, 2011

Montezuma Intrigue

Montezuma Intrigue

The Adventures of John and Julia Evans

By Linda Weaver Clarke

Montezuma Intrigue is truly intriguing.  The old country and western song said, “You had me from hello.”  Linda Weaver Clarke had my interest from the first sentence.  The story begins with the past and transitions to the present quickly and easily.  It is an adventure from beginning to end. 
The story begins with men trapped in a mine.  I have a hard time connecting with a story if I have no background for understanding the concept.  Mining is one of those concepts, which was cause for concern.  The scene in the mine actually lays the foundation for the remainder of the story which is set in modern day society.  The end of the story connects the beginning to the family and explains the significance of the first chapter. 

In the book, John and Julia’s three daughters find a treasure map in a forbidden trunk in the attic and convince their parents to spend the family vacation searching for the treasure.  Although the plot is finding the treasure, there are sub-plots that teach Christian values found in few books today.  Linda does a great job of weaving these values into the story without taking away from the main plot. 
Montezuma Intrigue is an exciting read for anyone over the age of 14.  It has enough adventure to capture the interest of young adults and enough romance to hold the attention of those with a more mature palate.  It would make an excellent book for home-school or the reluctant reader.  I highly recommend this book to adults and young adults alike.
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