Friday, August 26, 2011

The First Day of School

Kelsey was excited. She had waited a long time for this day. It was the first day of school. She had gathered her school supplies at least a month ago. She had visited her new classroom several times. Once when she was going down the hallway toward the room, the principal told her to stop running. How could she explain to him that she was just so excited to be here? Her mom had made her a special lunch last night and put it in the refrigerator. Kelsey and her mom had gone shopping to pick out the perfect outfit for this day. Kelsey wanted a red one. Red like the pictures of old schoolhouses.

When Kelsey got out of bed, her legs felt wobbly. She knew she hadn't slept well, but who could blame her? She only had one first day of school. She dressed in her first-schoolday-dress. It was red with buttons down the front and a cute belt. It was a split skirt that looked like a dress when she stood still. She thought it was perfect for the first day. She would look nice and still be comfortable.

When she started down the hallway toward her classroom, remembering not to run, Kelsey could see that some of the classroom doors were already open. She entered her classroom. No one else was there. She looked at all the desks in straight rows. Many more students that Kelsey had expected.

Kelsey had been taught since early childhood to pray when she was scared. There had never been a time when she was more scared than right now. She sat down at one of the student desks and bowed her head. "Lord, I really need some help today. I am scared and I don't know if I can do this. I know I can't by myself. Please be with me today. Help me not to show how scared I am. Amen."

Kelsey looked up and saw a mother waiting beside the door holding the hand of a little girl. The mother smiled at her when she got close to them. She smiled back, even though she was scared. The mother held out her hand and said, "Hello, I'm Mrs. Wilson".

Kelsey used all the courage she had to shake her hand and say, "Hello, I'm Kelsey Adams."

"This is my daughter, April."

"Hello, April. How are you today?"

Kelsey could see that April's lip was quivering as she said, "I'm scared."

"So am I." Kelsey said. "Maybe if we hold hands we won't be so scared."

So Kelsey and April stood at the front of the room holding hands as more students were brought into the room by their parents. Each parent seemed to feel obligated to interoduce themselves to Kelsey. She tried not to show her fear, but there were a couple that made her feel like she was in trouble already. Some of the parents asked questions that Kelsey did't know how to answer. When she said, "I don't know", they always gave her a funny look. That certainly didn't help calm her fears. Finally all the parents had kissed their babies, said good-bye and left the room.

Now Kelsey and April stood at the front of the room holding hands. Neither of them felt better when they looked at all the students in the class. Finally, April decided to sit in the only empty desk in the room. Kelsey stood at the front--alone, with 44 eyes staring at her like they expected her to do something. What should she do? She was new here just like they were.

Finally, she thought, Kelsey, you have to do something. Tell them your name."Good morning, class. I'm Miss Adams, you teacher. Please raise your hand when I call your name so I can get to know you."
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