Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Deserve It

You deserve it!  A phrase we use to justify something.  Think about the way we use it:
  • A cars pulls out in front of you.  He deserved the accident.
  • One child is picking on another and gets hit.  He deserved it.
  • You treat yourself to something indulgent.  You deserve it.
  • Someone receives a reward for an accomplishment.  He deserved it.
  • Someone received a promotion or raise in pay.  He deserved it.
That phrase can be used to mean many different things.  It has been adopted by many business to justify selling you something you don't really need.  I pulled up to an appliance store today and saw a huge sign that read:  Get it today with credit.  You deserve it.  Immediately, I thought Yeah, but I don't deserve your 23% interest rate.

It all goes back to the Law of Behavior.  With every decision comes a consequences. We tend to think of consequence as a negative.  Actually consequences means: The direct result of an action, behavior, or decision.  The person decided to work hard and the consequence was a promotion or raise in salary.  One child decided to bully another and the consequence was that he got hit.  If we make better choices, we have better consequences.  Think about that the next time you think to yourself: You deserve it.
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