Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sell More Books

Sell More Books
Sell More Books is a guide to do exactly what the title says--help you sell more books.  Don't be fooled though.  It is not the technical, dry, boring language of most how to books.  It is light and fun.  My favorite part of the books was the BS Alerts.  Those come right after Steve and Cherie have told you what the industry wants you to think.  Under the BS Alerts and Snoozer Alerts, they tell you like it is.  Here are a few:

B.S. Alert!

Publishing a book has never been, and will never be, as easy as this story makes it look. In real life Aunt Marie would threaten to sue Harry if he published the material on her drug habit. His brother no longer speaks to him, but won’t tell Harry why. The formatting didn’t work quite right in Microsoft Word and for some unexplainable reason, saving it as a pdf made all the pages too large. CreateSpace informs you that there’s not enough space on your spine, but you don’t know how
to correct it. You end up hiring a professional graphic artist, who’s running two months behind and now won’t reply to your e-mails. What should have cost nothing and taken a total of 6 months ends up taking a year and a half and costing $1000. Publishing may be revolutionized, but it’s still publishing!

Snoozer Alert!
If the above discussion convinces you that all you need to set up is a one page, Danny Kofke
look-alike blog, then the following is overkill – way too much information. If you’re not into
optimizing your site for search engines, feel free to skim or skip. Seriously, it’s okay

Snoozer Alert!
Some authors want motivational stories to renew their zeal to write and sell books. Others need
to know in sufficient detail how to mail their galleys next week. I offer something for both.
The problem with providing essential details to those who need them is that those who don’t
need them will be bored to tears. Tip: When you find yourself slogging through a chapter that
doesn’t scratch where you itch, skim the main subheadings and move on to a more relevant
chapter. Otherwise, you may stop reading altogether and miss the information you desperately
need today.

If you have written a book--you need this book.
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